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Movement Mastery

Dear Sports Performance Professional,
If you work with athletes in any realm of our profession, you were hired for one reason: to help them to perform better where it counts…in the context of his or her sport. That’s really all they ultimately care about and they entrust YOU with putting them on the best path to helping them to reach their personal pinnacle of athletic performance potential. At the core of this path resides developing greater efficiency in movement patterns specific to the individual and his/her level of movement mastery within the sport. Thus, we invite you to check out the new brand, Movement Mastery, where our purpose is to help sports performance professionals of "master the art" of optimizing movement. We are excited to create movement in the profession through each and every one of you. Start your membership here today.

Yours in Movement Mastery,
Shawn Myszka, MS, CSCS*D, PES