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|Free Range Human - Instructor Bio

Carolyn Appel, M.A. CSCS

After I spent most of my childhood and adolescence smacking balls on a tennis court I decided to channel that athletic passion into a career helping others improve their movement competency. In so doing, I discovered how important those physical tools were to developing the strength and confidence necessary for my clients to pursue their passions.

During my six years at a gym in my hometown of New York City I helped clients experience joyful days of sprinting on the tennis court, negotiating a marathon course, scrambling after grandchildren in the park, kicking butt in the delivery room, digging in the garden, and even scaling the Great Wall of China.

My interest in human movement led me to a Master’s degree in the movement sciences. Then, I joined the faculty of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute and I enjoyed several years of teaching trainers; biomechanics, motor learning, and skill development.

In addition to presenting at various conferences, I also love writing. I’ve become a contributing fitness expert for a few online outlets. My latest, and perhaps best, accomplishment is becoming a mom.