|Children's Specialist Program

The Children’s Specialist Program has been designed to create an implementable model of health and wellness. The target programming market is educating, coaches, fitness instructors, physical education teachers and generally anyone who has an interaction with the K-12 age group.

Childhood obesity is running rampant particularly in inner city school areas, low income, and minority populations. The CSP addresses these issues but is a “solution conscious program. Comprised of both lecture and practical applications the CSP covers topics ranging from statistics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, cardio/aerobic programming, strength training, including games and activities.

In order to provide proper instruction the CSP addresses the cognitive as well as the physiological aspects of the K-12 group’s response to exercise. Strategies for monitoring exercise intensity and proper programming are included in the CSP. Understanding the stages of skill development and expected outcomes are addressed in the CSP to augment the implementation and development of both fine and gross motor skills and provide the ability to assess a group or individuals specific needs for improvement.

Another vital component of the CSP is the communication and psychological aspect of training especially important in the K-12 group. Changing behavioral, attitudinal, and views cross culturally is a key component of this program and vital to its success. Relating to your group, locality and culture can have a marked impact on the outcome of implementation.

Hydration and nutrition are addressed in the CSP. This is extremely important that any coach, physical education instructor or fitness professional is aware of the needs of the K-12 population as well as having the ability to recognize any dangerous deficits such as dehydration, heat stroke etc…

Of course the biggest key to this program are the games! Adherence and compliance especially in the K-12 group is difficult enough. Each of the games is developed based on the age group, their skill set, fitness level and can be modified.

A simple ball pass (juggling game) can start as an introduction for the participants, a development of skill and can eventually be translated to athletic skills or sports specific movements. Of course they are also FUN, thus increasing the adherence and compliance and likelihood that these habits become integrated as lifelong habits. Another note of integration is during the process of learning nutrition facts, both vocabulary and mathematics can be integrated in a classroom setting.

The CSP addresses and reinforces behavioral, cognitive, communicative, psychological, physiological, anatomical, kinesthetic, biomechanical, neurological and educational aspects from both the instructor and participant’s perspective. It employs specific assessments and skill implementation and is both fun and educational.

Instructor: David Bluman, Sybil Sidelman, Pete Trapani

CEC/CEU’s: ACE 1.6